Second Annual Soggy Bottom Run

July 13-16, 2007 was hot and rainy, a perfect time (apparently) for the Second Annual Soggy Bottom Run.  Mike and I decided to head south this time, to my place in southern Indiana.  Using that as a base, we went on two different days rides.  One was down into Kentucky and the other was east along the Ohio River and then back to the cabin.  On Saturday the ride into Kentucky was a great ride.  The roads were in great shape and the curves were a lot of fun.  The weather cooperated as well, making for a good day’s riding.  Sunday, the day started off great too.  We tried to get some photos of each of us actually riding and found it to be more difficult than you would think – inexperience was the main problem here.  But then, the ride lived up to it’s billing, and it was definitely soggy.

I think it might be time to rename this annual event to something like “The Third Annual Desert Dune Crossing Run” and see if that name holds off the gods of rain.  Probably not, but worth considering.

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