Third Annual Soggy Bottom Run

This ride was also based from my place in southern Indiana, and we took place over the 2009 Memorial Day weekend (May 22-25).   My friend John rode up from Mobile, Alabama on Friday and stayed in Kentucky, and I rode down to the cabin. The plan was to meet northwest of Lexington on Saturday morning and continue the ride for the rest of the route. We spoke via phone on Friday night and picked a place to meet and then we got there within 5 minutes. Nice timing. The ride to the Valley View Ferry was great and the roads are great too. Unfortunately, the Soggy Bottom Run came true yet again, but by this time riding in the rain is just a part of the trip. My friend Mark could not leave on Friday, so he headed down on Saturday. While riding we couldn’t speak on the phone but we finally did connect and agreed to meet at the Walmart in Seymour, Indiana. We had dinner in town and then headed out to the cabin.

Sunday we headed west through Indiana to the Hoosier National Forest. Nice, curvy, relatively empty roads were great, but the different fuel tank capacities with Mark’s VTX and our Goldwings had us scrambling to find some fuel before Mark ran out. We did and some of the best roads were the county roads. On Monday, John headed south and we headed north. We hadn’t been going north very long when the rains came, and Noah would have been proud while we were going through Indianapolis. But we dried off, and the rest of the trip was good.

I think the ride needs a new name, any suggestions? I’m thinking the “Fourth Annual Death Valley Crawl.”  Maybe switching to a desert theme will hold off the rain gods next year.  Probably not.

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