2004 KTM 950 Adventure S (sold)

Well, the Ducati was great and I enjoyed it a lot, but I’ve decided to move on to a type of bike I’ve never owned – a dual-sport.  And not just any dual-sport, a KTM Adventure. Yes, there are visions of climbing the sand dune in the desert and finding the long-lost City of the Dead – Hamunaptra.  Well, only in the movies.  Anyway, I’m heading east to trade the Ducati for a KTM Adventure and we’ll find out what’s around the corner – or what’s over the top of the next sand dune.

Maybe I’ll enter the Dakar Rally, or maybe I’ll ride the Trans-America Trail or the Continental Divide Route.  Who knows?  Does the destination really matter?  Nope.  In this case it’s all about the journey.

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