2007 Ducati Monster 695 (sold)

For some reason, at the annual motorcycle show in Chicago, I was always drawn to the Ducati display. Sport bikes have held some interest but not enough to actually buy one. Since I’ve had good luck with Honda bikes, I considered a CBR600/1000 sport bike but it those seemed a little too “common” for my tastes. Maybe it’s the sound of the v-twin that I like – maybe it’s that you don’t see a Ducati on every other street corner – maybe it’s that the nonconformist in me enjoys having a bike that’s different. Maybe it’s all of those reasons combined – but I have always liked Ducatis.

At the motorcycle show in February of this year I mde up my mind. I was going to sell my Shadow ACE and buy a Ducati. The reading I had done told me that the air-cooled two-valve models (695/800/1000) were the best bang for the dollar in the Ducati lineup so that’s what I was after. I joined the forum on ducatimonsterforum.org and read even more. I watched the bikes for sale section and the timing worked well. I sold the Shadow and made a deal for this Ducati on the same day.

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