Starting on the ST600

This one should be fairly quick to service, but you never know for sure until you’re done.  First will be to remove the wheels, take the tires and tubes off, and take the hubs apart.  Some cleaning, fresh grease, and some adjustment should take care of them.  The rear wheel needs to be trued, and I’ll check the front wheel before installing new tubes and tires.  I probably should service the freewheel while I’m at it.

While the wheels are off, I removed the brake calipers (they’re going to be replaced with new dual-pivot units), stem and handlebars, then the front fork.  The headset has rubber seals for the upper and lower bearings, a nice touch.  I already know the headset is out of adjustment but I don’t know if it was ridden that way.  After cleaning up the fork and crown races, it does look like it was ridden with a loose headset.  I’m going to try and salvage the headset.  If it can’t be adjusted properly or won’t hold an adjustment, then I’ll have to replace it.

The rear rack, seatpost and saddle have been removed.  next are the FD and RD, then the cranks come off.  Hopefully I have the right tool to remove the BB, but I don’t know just yet.

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