More parts for the IGH build

I ordered Velocity Synapse 650B polished silver rims, in 36 hole drilling from  I thought they were a little pricey, but they will work and I can use the tire width I wanted for this build.  I’ve also ordered spokes from Colorado Cyclist – they are DT Swiss Competition DB spokes in silver.  So once they get here, I can lace up the wheels.  I still need to order tubes and tires, but I haven’t done that yet.

I also ordered a Sunlite 2-bolt quill stem in polished silver.  I don’t understand why more quill stems aren’t available in a 2-bolt design.  With it, you can remove the handlebars without having to remove the bar wrap and brake/shifter lever (at least on one side).  Maybe the manufacturing process is more complex for this type of stem, I’m not sure about that.  They’re not very common, or at least I haven’t seen many.

The handlebars are by Soma Fab, the alloy 3-speed moustache bars.  I plan to mount them so the center is higher to get a bit of drop.  Once the bike is assembled I’ll be able to adjust the stem depth and decide wchich way the handlebars need to be mounted to get the best riding position.  My plan for grips is lace-on elkhide from VO.  This is why I wanted the 2-bolt stem – I don’t want to have to unlace the grips to remove the handlebars.

I decided a build like this needed a bell.  I found a really nice one, made in the UK, and ordered it in brass finish.  The bell will be engraved with “Evan Cycles” to match the frame decals.  Since the only handlebar control is the bar-end shifter on the right, the bell will mount on the left side just above the elkhide grip.

I hope it turns out well, I’m going for retro-simple on this build.