The work begins

I’ve removed the wheels and taken them to Oswego Cyclery to have the spoke tension checked and trued. I couldn’t get the front hub to come apart so that I can clean, lube, and reassemnble it, so I decided to have the bike shop do it. I don’t have any experience with the Campy hubs and I didn’t want to break anything due to ignorance. I’ve ordered tubes, tires, and a chain so far. I need to find some hoods, these are worn through in a couple of places. I also ordered a BB tool so that I can remove the BB and service it.

There are some scratches on the rear derailleur that I’ll need to deal with, and because of those scratches I want to have the derailleur mount checked to be sure it’s not bent. The front derailleur looks fine, just needs a cleaning and lube. The brakes looks fine, but I will remove them and clean / lube them and reinstall.

I haven’t taken the fork out, but I will do that and check the headset bearings / races to see if replacement is necessary. if they’re OK, just cleaning and a relube should do it.

This is the right time of the year to do bicycle work, at least in the midwest. Hopefully this work will be long done when bicycling weather makes it’s 2013 debut. There may even be a maiden voyage before that if the opportunity presents itself.