Dale-ization, part 5

Luggage is the issue now.   The mechanical bits are sorted out, the electrical bits are done, tires are good to go.   I decided to go with Caribou Cases for panniers.   The final point in their favor is the lifetime warranty.   If they ever break they’re just replaced.   I don’t plan to break them, but lot’s of things happen that aren’t planned, so why not stack the deck in your favor if you can.   I went with the 36L side-opening cases.   Some folks seem to prefer the top-loaders, but not me.

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Dale-ization, part 4

Well, now we have a suspension.   We have wheels, too.   The bike can roll around, I don’t have to drag it any more.   But, the fairings need to be reinstalled, along with the tank vent lines, and then the windshield.   That didn’t take too long and now the bike is completely reassembled.   And the best part – no parts left over.   Usually, it’s a good sign when there aren’t any parts left over when you’re done.   I taking this as a positive sign.

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Dale-ization, part 3

The forks and shock arrived on schedule and they are a bit shorter than when they left.   The swingarm has been reassembled, with blue loctite on the bolts, in particular the ones holding on the chain guide / rub strip.   In some cases, these bolts have backed out and caused some serious damage when the guide warps around the front sprocket.   I don’t want that to happen to me if I can prevent it, so the blue loctite is used on those bolts in particular.

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