Work software for my new Mac

I need to edit web pages and manage servers so I began looking for something a bit more productive than terminal.

I took the trial of BBEdit and decided to purchase it.   TextMate was another possiblilty, but I liked the built-in ftp client the BBEdit has so I went with it for now.   I may change in the future, although the TextMate forums indicated ftp client functionality was a top-requested update and it is still not available.

I need to log in and manage a server farm running a mix of RedHat and Ubuntu Linux, I chose iTerm for that.   I still need to get the correct code for the delete/backspace key, but other than that annoyance it works quite well.   Keeping connection information as favorites saves time as well.

I chose Transmit as my ftp program, I am used to the my-files-on-the-left and the server-files-on-the-right layout.   I don’t like that it wants to choose ascii or binary based on the file extension as that is not always the proper choice, but I have added a few extensions through preferences and it seems to be working fine.

I use the Adobe reader a lot, Preview works fine too.

I use v2 and have no need for any microsoft office programs.   I have found only one problem with v2, and that has to do with updating and saving files in an encrypted sparseimage file.   It hangs 100% of the time.   Moving the file out of the sparseimage file is all that’s required.   It is a nuisance but I want to ensure security of certain files at all times and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.