Wheel bearing replacement

I replaced the rear hub wheel bearings on the Merckx today.  Knocking the old bearings out was easy enough and I managed not to lose the spacer between the bearings.

The new bearings are in the freezer, ever so slightly reducing the outside diameter.  I warmed up the hub with a heat gun, the intent being to slightly increase the ID where the bearings sit.  Installed the bearings, using a socket that was slightly smaller in diameter than the bearing, but large enough to contact the outer race.  I even remembered to put the spacer in the hub before installing the second bearing.  Bearings are done and the slight play I noticed earlier is gone.

While the tires were off, I put the wheels in the truing stand and checked them out.  The rear wheel is good, but the front needed a tweak or two.  All nice and true now.

I replaced the 25mm Michelin Pro4 tires, as they measure 28mm on the Boyd rims.  There was very little clearance with these tires on the Merckx frame, so a single broken spoke would have probably rendered the bike unrideable.  The new tires went on easily and measure 24mm, so there is at least a reasonable amount of clearance.

The tires ride well, and the Merckx seems to have picked up the performance a notch or two.  Not bad for a few minutes of work.  Looking forward to the next longish ride.