A well-connected place

For a cabin in the woods, this place is pretty well connected.  Fiber internet works very well, and I have the fastest connection speeds I’ve ever had.  Service has been very reliable.

The HVAC guys finally got the phone app to connect to both HVAC units, and now I can control the heat/AC from my phone.  This will be very useful when I go out of town.  No need to keep the place cooled or heated when I’m not there, saving electricity.  Then when I’m on the way back I can set the temperature back to the normal values and when I get home it will be comfortable.

My garage door opener is also connected to wifi, and I can monitor the door’s position (open or closed) from a phone app.  I can also open or close the door from the phone app as well.  If something is blocking the door it won’t close, but I’ll know that and I can have someone stop by and clear the obstruction.  The important part is that I’ll know what’s going on with the door.

There are a couple of single-pole switches that control outside floodlights and I’m considering replacing those switches with wifi switches so that I can turn the lights on from my phone.  Not sure what brand to use, would be nice to find ones that I can control from a bash script.  That would allow me to set a schedule for the lights to be on and off, and still allow me to turn them on at any time from my phone via a simple web page.

I’m not sure what else I might link up, but I’m pretty satisfied with the way things are working now.  Coupled with the video security system, this place is humming along quite nicely now.