Painting the Ducati

It’s time. The Duc needs to be painted and I’ve decided on the color. It’s going to be Ducati green, solid, no metalflake. I had some custom retro decals made by Erik at Twisted Vinyl Graphics. There will be a large horizontal decal on either side of the tank, and a smaller vertical one on the seat cowl. The decals look great and I’d have Erik make decals again if I need them for another project.

I’m going to have Black Magic Customs paint the flyscreen, tank, and seat cowl. Mr. Wizard will do his usual magic work and the result will look great. This will really make a difference in the way the Duc looks.

I’m thinking that I will put gold pinstripes on the wheels. I put red pinstripes on the VTX and it looked good so I will try pinstripes on the Duc. The gold pinstripes will match the gold-anodized forks and should tie together nicely. Pictures to follow.