The first few shots

Greg has a target at his house, with a nice backstop behind it.  Not knowing what to expect with the first few shots, a backstop seemed like a pretty good thing to have.

I started at 10 yards.  The first few shots all hit the target.  Not too bad if I’m honest, and I was a little surprised.  Tried a few more shots at 10 yards and the group looked halfway decent.

I moved back to 20 yards and tried a few more shots.  These were a little low, but the left-right alignment was pretty good.  Wound up shooting about 20 shots at the 20 yard distance and the grouping was decent.

Moved back to 30 yards, and the group is definitely low.  Greg thought the bottom pin might be set for 25 yards, so I moved up 5 yards.  Now the arrows are grouping all around the center.  Not the best group, but not scar-me-for-life ugly.

It was fun.  I think it will take practice to become a good shot, but if I pay attention to the little details I can become a better shot.  I need to pick up some new arrows.  The wrist release I bought from Herndon Archery is working well for me, and the target is fine for practicing.

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