Raspberry Pi project – a milestone

After updating the humidity correction factors and clearing the log, I’ve now got a month’s worth of temperature and humidity data in the logs.

You can see that the upstairs temperature was much higher at the beginning of the period.  (click on the image to see the full size version)  That’s because I was there and was running electric heaters upstairs.  The temperature began to fall while I was getting ready to head home and turned them off – they are unplugged when I’m not there.  Seems smart to not risk an electrical problem and a fire when there’s no need for heating.

You can also see the daily temperature swings, more pronounced on some days than others.  The swings are larger when the sun is out, as you would expect.  The downstairs swings are not as big, because the windows have blinds (and there are only 2 windows downstairs vs 5 windows upstairs) so solar heating has less of a chance to warm things up downstairs.

The humidity is still higher than expected – I’ll need to recheck the sensors with the hygrometer and see if the numbers are still close.  Even if I wind up making a change to the humidity correction factors I don’t plan to restart logging.

Yes, it’s pretty cold inside right now.  That’s what happens when the only heat is a portable electric heater.

I’m sure you won’t be surprised by this, but I also made a couple of tweaks to the heat and cold alert functions in the python logger script.  When a heat or cold alert is rescinded, the email message includes the amount of time the alert was in effect.  Just a little more polish to the project.

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