Bike show prep

After I got the headlight shell and air cleaner cover home I put them on, of course.   Tom at Black Magic Customs did a great job on both parts.   The red stripes on the headlight shell are horizontal which isn’t easy to determine by just looking at the shell off the bike.

With it all assembled, it needed cleaning and waxing to get ready for the bike show sponsored by Black Magic Customs during Sandwich Freedom Days.   The show is Sunday, July 2nd at 12 noon in the Hideout parking lot.   I washed it and used my dog drier to remove the majority of the water.   They are selling dog driers for twice the price and calling them motorcycle driers.   Oh, well, it does do a good job.   After waxing and polishing I decided to head the 3 miles up to the show.   Some very nice bikes, but I tend to favor the old-school bobbers over the latest choppers.   There were some really nice examples of both styles.

I headed home early as it started looking like rain.   The motorcycle washing and waxing gods must have been on my side because it rained 5 minutes AFTER I parked the bike in the garage.   OK, maybe it was just dumb luck.   Since I’m leaving on a business trip in a couple of days anyway, I just covered it up in the garage.

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