TAT day 4 – Monday

Today’s highlight was the General Store in Oark, Arkansas. This is a must-stop for any and all TAT riders. Apparently the owner is into dual-sport riding and is supportive of the TAT riders. Gas, a good meal, and a slice of pie in a unique setting is a welcome respite from the trail. This was to be a fairly low-mileage day, but the miles were not easy ones.

The trail gods were at it again. “Nope. Too fast again. Why don’t you take White Oak Mountain Road?” Rocks, rock ledges, narrow roads, and great vistas were all thrown together. John and I got separated and we decided to meet where the trail joins AR-123, but he wasn’t there when I got there. I waited a while (no cell coverage) and decided to ride down the road to where the trail leaves AR-123. Not there either. I was just about to go back and ride up the mountain to get cell coverage and call him when I heard the unmistakable sound of a BMW boxer. While we were figuring out our next move a logging truck came by, just under the speed of sound. Man, those guys can really move.

After getting beaten up on White Oak Mountain road, we decided to pass on Warloop road and headed on into Alma for food, gas, and a place to sleep.

At least we didn’t have to slog through any mud today.

On the replacement bike front – I came to a decision today. I’m changing bikes. I put a deposit on a 2007 BMW F650GS with a factory lowered suspension. As soon as I’m back home, I will clean up the KTM and put it up for sale. It’s a great bike, but not a great bike for me.

The stats from today:

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