Mounting bolts drilled and fitted

Dad purchased and drilled 6 bolts for mounting the Headwinds turn signals. He said drilling them wasn’t too bad but that the stainless steel was the most difficult to drill.

The mounting bolts arrived (and were they ever packed well). I had to shorten the two for the rear turn signals to 2.1″ overall length and they worked fine. I need to get some stainless washers for the final assembly as I used some I had lying around to check the fit. I will use blue Locktite during final assembly.

New helmet, more parts

There is a Memorial Day sale at HDL, so I ordered Barnett throttle cables and an HJC CL-MAX flip-up black helmet. I might order a windshield and mounting hardware for the Shadow 1100 later in the week – I have until Monday.

New mounting bolts

Dad is going to get 4 3/8×16×2″ hex head cap screws and drill them out with an 11/64th drill so that the turn signals can be properly mounted. I think I will insert a fiber washer between the turn signal and the adapter that will have the exposed edge painted red. Should be a nice touch.

First long ride on Shadow 750

John came over and he took the Shadow 1100, I rode the (new to me) Shadow 750. We went north through Somonauk, then west on Old Chicago road to Paw Paw. Stopped briefly, then east and south to Earlville. South out of Earlville and then east on Route 34 to Don Vito’s in Somonauk for pizza. Got back home just before sunset.

Started reassembly

Picked up the chrome from Black Magic Customs this morning, it looks great. Got home and started reassembling the rear turn signals. Drilled out the center mounting hole to 3/8, put rust preventative on the bare metal. The hollow bolts are too short by about 1/4 inch when I add the ground lug and the washer. I looked on the Headwinds website and I think they may have longer bolts (3/8 x 16 x 2) but I will have to call on Monday, no one answered the phone (it is Saturday, after all). They do look good.

how to extract specific files from an RPM

1. create a cpio file from the RPM:
# rpm2cpio name_of_package.RPM > name_of_package.cpio

2. extract the desired file from the cpio file:
# cpio -id < name_of_package.cpio ./full_path_and_name_of_the_file_you_want

3. the file will be in full_path_to_the_file_you_want relative to the directory in which you ran the cpio command.