2019 rides – should be a fun summer

I’ve been looking at a calendar and conversing with some fellow C&V enthusiasts (inmates) about meeting up at some rides next spring, summer, and fall.

First, in April, will be the 2nd annual Bourbon and Tobacco Tour.  I’ve worked out a couple of different routes and we’ll decide which one to ride after seeing the road conditions next spring.  If folks are interested, we’ll ride trails on Sunday, making a full weekend of riding.

In May is Storming of Thunder Ridge in Lynchburg, Virginia, which is a very popular ride and a challenging century.  I’ve not done this ride before, but several other C&V personalities have.  Registered for this one.  I’m hoping to have the Masi ready for this ride.

July is the Ride Across Indiana (RAIN) that goes from Terre Haute to Richmond in a single day.  165 miles, mainly on US-40.  That will be my longest day on a bike by far.  Logistics are an issue when you ride from point A to point B instead of point A looping back to point A.  The ride organizers have provided several choices to help with this.

September is the Centenario Coppi, a C&V ride to celebrate the 100th birthday of Fausto Coppi, one of the legends of pro cycling.  A bike show is part of this weekend, so lots of bike porn to see and a C&V ride too.  What’s not to like?  Registered for this one.

October is the Hilly Hundred century, in and around Bloomington, IN.  Unusually, this ride is split into two days of riding over Saturday and Sunday.  All reports say this is a very well organized ride.

Also planning to ride with steelbikeguy for a donut at Tanner’s Orchard sometime in October.

This is a tentative set of rides.  Life happens, so changes are possible.

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