My first implement purchase

I finally was able to track down the box blade I decided on at a Rural King store in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  I chose this one because of the weight and the way the top link frame was built and welded.  It is made by King Kutter and is 5 feet wide.  It’s painted red, but I’ll live with the color disparity.  The welds are good and the way the scarifiers are attached is very solid.  The cutting edges are reversible and replaceable as well.

The first chore was to unload it from the truck bed.  I have a good 3/8″ logging chain to use and my cousin is going to stop by to help mitigate the process so that I don’t bang it into the truck or do something else stupid while I’m unloading it.  He also has some pallets I can use to set it and the bush hog on so that I don’t have to set them on the ground.  The pallets will make it easier to hitch them up as well.

Unloaded the box blade using the loader and a chain.  Lifted it up and then drove the truck out from under it.  Set it down on the concrete and that’s done.  I did order 2 Bolt On grab hooks for the bucket.  That will make it a lot easier and safer to load/unload things from the truck bed.

Now to see how badly I can tear up the gravel driveway with the box blade.

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