Focus Mares, part 1

Now that the frame and fork have been cleaned, polished, and waxed, it’s time to apply some protection to the frame.  I used a strip of 3M paint film 2″ across on the bottom side of the downtube, from the BB shell opening up to the headset.  On the top of the DS chainstay, I used a piece of 3M 2228 rubber tape to protect it from chain strikes.  You have to know the paint film is there to see it, and the rubber tape is unobtrusive as well.

Now to begin the reassembly.  The fork is first.  Cleaned the bearings, reapplied grease, and put a thin layer of grease on the fork near the bridge and also where the top bearing will sit.  Greased the inner and outer races of both bearings and inserted the fork.  The cap goes on next, followed by the spacers and the steerer-mounted junction “A” mount.  Then the stem, and the nice orange anodized stem cap from WolfTooth Components.  A little aligning, tightening, rechecking alignment, and the fork is back on.

I reinstalled the disk brake calipers but didn’t tighten them down.  They’re going to be replaced by a set of Hope RX4+ 4 piston calipers, but I don’t have them yet and I didn’t want the existing calipers banging against the frame or fork.

The handlebars went back on next, and the angle of the drops is at least reasonable, I might wind up tweaking the position after a ride or two.  The shifters are back on and set as best I could estimate.  There’s a distinct possibility of changes to the lever position after a couple of rides.  The bar wrap will wait until everything is in a good position and the brake hose replacement is complete.

I added a Shimano BT module to the DI2 system in the seat tube, just as I did on the Parlee I finished a month or so ago.

The 46/36 chainrings were cleaned up, along with the crankarms and spindle, and they’re back on with the bearing preload set.

I’m considering replacing the FD and RD with GRX versions, but haven’t made a final decision on that purchase yet.  They aren’t cheap, so I’m wembling a little on this purchase.  People that recall the HBO show Fraggle Rock will recall what wembling means.

Two bigger jobs remain, both of which I have no experience with.  Replacing the calipers and brake hoses, then filling and bleeding the air from the braking system.  The second is mounting tubeless tires and putting sealant in the tires.

If you see a photo of me covered head to toe in sealant you can surmise that the tire mounting was not entirely successful.

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