BMW updates – new forks

In general, the little beemer is in very good shape. I’m looking for more in the suspension department, after riding the KTM that has a first class suspension under it. The most cost-effective way to improve the suspension is to replace the dated damper-rod conventional forks with cartridge-type USD forks from a Yamaha YZ125/250/450. All of these forks from about model year 2000 on are the same mechanically – the difference is in the springs and valving which will be replaced anyway.

Off to ebay to find some parts. A few mouse clicks later we have the necessary parts on their way. A set of 48mm forks from a 2004 YZ250F; a set of triple clamps from the same year and model; a brake caliper from a 2006 YZ450F; a front wheel assembly including wheel, tire, brake rotor, axle, and spacers from a 2008 YX450F – these are the main requirements. There will be some assorted small parts, and the forks will need to be rebuilt, resprung, revalved, and the travel limits set for my bike, but swapping the forks is basically a one-day task. Of course, timelines tend to stretch as more things work their way onto the list. Have you ever heard the phrase “Well, as long as we’re in there we might as well take care of the thingamajig?” That is what makes wrenching on a motorcycle take longer than you’d think.

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