BMW forks – not new ones, anyway

Well, swapping the stock forks for a set of USD forks just isn’t going to work for me. I’ve sold the parts I bought, and they’ve been shipped to South Africa. Nils, ride safely. I decided to install Racetech emulators and springs, new fluid, and button them up.

While I’m working on the forks I will also replace the stem bearings. The BMW bearings are notorious for lasting only about 20k miles and that happens to be the mileage on my bike. Now is a good time to postpone that failure.

While I was concentrating on the forks I hadn’t actually decided what to do about the rear shock. Well, now I have. I’m going to have Jay at Sasquatch Suspension rebuild, revalve, and respring the rear shock. At roughly half the cost of Ohlins or Wilbers shocks, the reviews I read are all positive and he has patiently answered my questions. I ordered the Racetech parts for the forks through him.

So I’m taking a slightly different direction, but still moving forward.

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